Fonts I overuse/love and should use more/enjoy seeing other people use. A lot of people seem to be doing font packs, and so here. I still suck at knowing when to use any of these fonts, but maybe someone out there will like this. I mostly made it for myself, because I tend to use a font, love it, and then promptly forget the name of it. That’s why there are some fonts here that you should definitely have on your computer already (so I won’t link to a download for them). Anyway, hope y’all enjoy!

Abraham Lincoln; Bloc Kursiv; Bodoni; Code Light; Dubiel; Fanwood; Fling; Folks Light; Frail; Gruenewald; Little Days; Nouvelle Vague; Ostrich Sans; Pottery Barn; Quicksand; Ribbon; Riot Squad; St. Marie; Sunshine in My Soul; Times Sans Serif; Zombie Checklist